How does build-a-business work?
As all businesses and people are different, so you and your business need a set of plans and strategies that are tailored to YOU. Not the bloke next door or the other business down the road.
What Build-a-Business offers is a solution that fits you. We ask you questions so that we can find out exactly where you are now what your business needs to get you to where you want to go.
This is not a one size fits all approach, no read this book and do what it says stuff here.
As you’re working directly with me, I will teach you exactly what YOU need to do and how to do it, that is proven to grow your business, give you more control, more money and more free time.
Improve Your Business In 4 Easy Steps
Step 1: We Call You, No Obligation
We have strategies that have been proven over many years and hundreds of business owners that will ensure you get more time and have the business under better control to do the things you never get around to.
Step 2: We Set Clear Goals
With more time and better control of your business, we will then show you growth strategies and how to implement them to deliver you more profits.
Step 3: We Provide A Realistic Plan
At last, it’s long overdue for you to learn the strategies that will be with you forever and ensure you save time. We will show you exactly HOW to do this, step by step.
Step 4: We Help You Execute & Win
Our one-on-one coaching is the most efficient way for you to get from point A to point B. Our process, the tools we give you, and the way we help you implement and take action make it easier than ever for you to achieve your goals.
More control, more time and more profit...
Let us help you today!
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Meet Michael Cowley
Business Coach, Build-A-Business Founder
Michael has been in the ‘people service’ business all his working life.The first 25 years as an Accountant working for companies in the engineering and construction industries.
Michael ended up working in property development for Australia’s richest man for the last 6 years of his corporate life. While there, he learned the ‘secrets’ to running a very successful business and is now passing them along to his clients.
Michael has worked directly with hundreds of business owners and has picked up a vast amount of knowledge about what makes a business successful.
These days he focuses on the building industry because he could see the same mistakes being made over and over by Builders and Landscapers where simply changes implemented at the right time could make the most significant improvements.
Improvements to cash flow, improvements to systems and in general, improving the overall quality of life for Builders and Landscapers.
Do I Really Nead A Coach?-
No. You may be doing OK. Lots of work on, good cashflow. You’re also probably working longer hours that you’d like to. You’ve tried a few ways to get off the tools, maybe they’ve worked, maybe they haven’t. However, if you are really committed to work less hours it often takes a different and experienced pair of eyes to help you. We have helped many people just like you do this. You see a Coach sees things from a different perspective, ask you questions that no-one else has, and works with you to show you exactly how to make it happen. You’re also looking at this website for a reason. You want things to be different.
What does a Coach actually do?+
A Coach will show you exactly HOW to get from where you are now to where you want to be. You’ll be taught strategies that are guaranteed to help you get your work hours down and have more time for other things whilst keeping the profits where they are (better still, we increase them)
What do you know about my industry?+
We have worked with business owners in a variety of industries over the past 16 years, however, we have only worked businesses in the with building industry over the last 6 years. So, you can imagine, we understand just what you are going through and what needs to be done to grow and improve it.
How long will it take?+
Well, that can be an open ended question. And it depends on a whole bunch of factors, such as…….how long you’ve been operating the way you have been, where you want to go, how fast you put change in to action. You see, as a Coach, I want to see changes really fast also, BUT, there is the day to day to run. What I’m saying is the speed of change is dependent on how fast you put strategies into practice. We want to start seeing changes in the first few months and we know from experience that we see long lasting change comes after 12 months. If there was a quick fix – it would be on TV and everyone would buy it!
But my business is different.+
Yes it is. It’s run by you! What I mean is…..all businesses deep down do the same things Marketing, Selling, Build / Deliver, Admin etc BUT not all business owners are alike. We haven’t met you yet so we don’t know how well you run your business, what your hopes and dreams are and what your exact areas of frustration are. We have worked with many people that are feeling the same as you right now, and we know what to do to fix it.
What will we work on?+
We’ll initially work on where you are NOW, what’s working well and what’s not. We have tools to find out just what those areas are. We will draw up a list of your Goals then a roadmap of the just HOW to get you to your goals. Along the way we may work on other areas, as generally not everything comes up at the beginning. Anyways, what we are about is showing you how to get from your point A to your point B.
Is there a Guarantee?+
Frankly, no. You see coaching is not about us doing the work, that’s your job. We will run with you, show you what to do and push and prod you to do it, but at the end of the day, doing the work is up to you. Having said that, we know that when you do what we’re going to show you, results will follow.
What People Say About Us.
I have had Michael on board now for nearly a year. I am on track to have to biggest year to date with over $100k more turn over than last year. I have more money in the bank. Yes there is still the stress of running the business especially with it growing at the rate it is but I am thinking clearer and with Michael’s guidance and coaching I can handle it no worries. One of the most important changes is I have more quality family time and I am a happier less stressful dad for my wife and kids. I hope you employee Michael’s services, you will not regret it.
Scott Harrison
Owner and manager - Rozanda Landscaping
Michael really helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my business. Rather than coming in with a pre-packaged plan that wouldn't necessarily suit me, Michael asked me what I actually wanted to achieve with my business and my life. He then set about helping me create a plan to fit what I wanted. Michael asks relevant questions that put you on the spot and force you to reflect. His coaching was well worthwhile for me, and I recommend him to anyone who needs business/personal coaching.
Ben Harris - Location: Melbourne
Ben Harris Gardens
When I met Michael Cowley I wasn’t having much success at the time in winning the size of jobs that I really wanted to do. I could get little ones but not the bigger ones. I met with Michael and we discussed how he could help me. We worked together for a short period, solely on my sales process. The result was, that by following what Michael taught me, I have won 3 larger jobs and feel confident that I know how to win more. I would highly recommend Michael’s help if you need to win more work.”
Stephen Skapetis - Location: Sutherland
Managing Director - SKS Landscaping
It has now been a couple of months since I completed my year of training with you. I thought I would take this opportunity to fill you in on where we are up to with my business. For the five months to the end of November we have almost equalled our turn-over for the entire previous financial year. For the first time in a couple of years our receivables equal or out-do our payables. Our P & L for the first five months to the end of November is showing positive ground in the realms of six figures as opposed to breaking even last financial year and a small loss the year before…..'
Jonathan Purvis - Location: Bowral
Jonathan Purvis Landscapes
Over the last 12 months we have the great pleasure of working with Michael Cowley. Our principle goal of having a clearer direction of where we are going both on a personal and business level are close to being achieved. On a business level Vale Plastics has improved in nearly all areas including sales, systems, accounts, reporting, training and profitability. On a personal level many goals that we set 12 months ago have been achieved including more time with family, greater fitness plus the purchase of new car and boat! I would thoroughly recommend Michael to anyone wanting enhance their life by creating a successful business. Michael is like having a board of directors with the experience and skills to make us, “make things happen”.
Phil Jackson - Director
Location: Brookvale
Michael from Bluewater Business Coaching is THE reason my business is heading in the direction it currently is today. At the start of 2019 I set targets that you could almost say were out of reach with the position I was in. I sit here today July 2020, looking at my goal sheet not only achieving all of them, but exceeding them too! I'm so grateful for Michael’s assistance over the last 18 months. My turnover more than doubled within 12 months and to go with that my Gross Margin increased by $300,000 and my Net Profit increased by $150,000. I'd highly recommend using Michael from Bluewater Business Coaching, he has helped me build my systems and processes that is the base platform for my business to grow off.
Thank You Michael
Aaron NSW
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