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Build-a-Business founder
Michael Cowley

Michael has been in the ‘people service’ business all his working life. The first 25 years as an Accountant working for companies in the engineering and construction industries.

Michael ended up working in property development for Australia’s richest man for the last 6 years of his corporate life. While there, he learned the ‘secrets’ to running a very successful business and is now passing them along to his clients.

Michael has worked directly with hundreds of business owners and has picked up a vast amount of knowledge about what makes a business successful.

These days he focuses on the building industry because he could see the same mistakes being made over and over by Builders and Landscapers where simply changes implemented at the right time could make the most significant improvements.

Improvements to cash flow, improvements to systems and in general, improving the overall quality of life for Builders and Landscapers.

Over the years Michael's coaching of helping grow the profits and giving owners time back has resulted in clients being been able to:

  • Buy a new boat
  • Buy their factory
  • Buy more investment property
  • Buy a very nice new car
  • Stop smoking (reduced stress!)
  • Sell the business for a nice multiple of profits
  • Buy a farm
  • Take overseas holidays
  • Take more local holidays
  • Eat dinner with the family
  • Buy more 'toys' from the Bucket List
  • Go to their children's Saturday sport ( a personal favourite)
  • Take on bigger projects
  • Build more Super

If there is something on this list that is a goal of yours, how much longer are you going to wait? Call me now and we'll have a short chat to see how you can achieve it.

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