A lot of trades I talk to and work with tell me that they never have enough time, and when I dig a little deeper I find that one of the main reasons is that they spend a lot more time than they’d like on quoting. They win fewer quotes than they need to and that means they have to spend more time doing more quotes. And I know that quotes can take from a few minutes up to a few weeks.

Spending too much time on quotes takes you away from what you really want to do. Get on with the work, then enjoy your time away from work.

Here’s a little information about two common mistakes most make, get it right and you stand out from the crowd and WIN MORE QUOTES.

No matter what size of job you are quoting, the quote should always have a covering letter. This is a vital step that I see is a major missing piece with most quotes, and is something that will really make you stand out from the crowd.

The purpose of the covering letter is for the prospect to understand that you have really listened to them and incorporated in the quote everything that they said was important to them. They will be saying to themselves, subconsciously, that this guy gets me. Your relationship is strengthened. It also gives you a chance to highlight anything you feel is necessary for them to know and understand.

Even those quotes that you hand deliver need a covering letter. They need something to refer to after you’ve been to present it as they probably won’t remember everything that you’ve said.

It’s vital to follow up your quotes in a professional and timely manner. I’m still amazed at how many quotes are not followed up for a week or more and some even tell me that they don’t follow them up at all! I’ve seen quotes accepted merely because the person who called was the only one to follow up. The prospect felt comfortable with you due to your professional approach and gave you the work.

Your follow up will be determined by the size of the job and your understanding of the way the prospect will make their decision. This information would have been found out in your previous conversations.

Contact us to find out more information of the other 3 steps to take to win more quotes, and spend more time doing what you’d rather do.

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