You’re in business and you’re good at what you do, so over time as your name gets around you start to get more and more word of mouth referrals. You get better at quoting. You win more work, more than you can handle yourself. So, you take on your first employee to get through everything. Now with someone on board to help you, things should be getting easier, but they’re not. Now on top of being on site all day, you have to answer their questions. Can’t they just get on with it and let you do your work? Productivity drops. But isn’t it supposed to go up?

You seem to be working harder than ever, including quoting more and more so you can keep the team in work. It didn’t seem this hard when it was just you.

Remember when you were younger and started working for somebody. What did you want from them? I’ll bet it was some of their time, good clear instructions, knowing what you were meant to do etc.

Here’s a list of the main actions to take to ensure your employees are as productive as possible :

Have an Organisation Chart drawn up for your business for between 2 and 5 years time. Show it to your people, ask them what role they want in the future.

Ensure each employee has a Job Description that reflects just what their role is. The clearer they are the better they will do the job.

Make sure each employee has a list of Behaviour Standards that apply to your business

Identify what training each person needs either to do their role well or to help them grow and do the next role. Remember this will make your life easier as you can delegate things you do to others Make the time to train them. A little each week seems to work.

Have regular meetings with your team. Proper sit down ones, not on the fly on site. They want to know what’s happening in the business. How are things going, what’s coming up, what issues do you all need to discuss, what improvements can you all make.

There is a time investment by you in each of these items, some once, some ongoing. Once you take on someone else your role changes from being totally on the tools to part supervisor. It’s worth it though, a well trained and motivated person will help you take your business wherever you want to go.

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