One of the most effective things you can do to get more time is to STOP doing things. As your business grows YOU take on more and more…..and the result…..YOU work long hours, trying to get it all done….and a lot of the time, it DOESN’T get done, you get behind. Very frustrating all round, you, your family, your clients, your staff.


STOP Going to the wholesaler yourself, get your staff to do that, plan and order ahead better.

STOP Doing things on the fly, plan daily.

STOP Doing so many quotes, build a process where you are only talking with great prospects.

STOP Doing your own books, hire a Bookkeeper.

STOP Giving clients unlimited access to you, agree on a regular meeting schedule.

STOP Doing variations until the client signs off, it saves a lot of grief later on.

STOP Procrastinating about anything, resolve to make all decisions within 24 hours.

STOP Allowing staff to turn up late and not be properly dressed, it’s your business, your rules.

STOP Working after hours, that is time you should be spending with your family. And I mean after the kid are in bed also, that’s your partner’s time.

STOP Doing things that are of low value to the business. You are the only one who can, say, quote and sell, so make the time for it. The others can build it.

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