So you’ve gone out on your own. Hung your shingle out. Not growing your boss’s business any more. Well good for you, I mean that, He’ll get someone else. Time to grow a business for yourself and your family. If he can do it, I can to.

That’s how most business start. Rightly or wrongly doesn’t matter, that’s how most start.

So what happened at first – YOU did everything. Win the work, do the work, invoice the work, pay the bills, clean up, win some more work. Felt good, working with YOUR customers. And you did a good job. And that meant a few more people heard about you and talked to you. That meant more work which is great, and because you do it well everybody wanted you to be at their job. So, your day kept getting longer, and longer. Bookwork eventually got done late at night and Sundays.

But, hang on, you didn’t go into business to work 7 days a week. But I like what I do and I tell people they deal directly with the owner, I’m involved in everything.

The problem here is quite common. You get to the pont where you cant do everything. You start to drop the ball. Quotes are late, which doesn’t make you look good. Work gets behind, as you really have too much on for one person. You become inefficient, rushing, no planning, maybe even cashflow gets behind.

The answer – it’s time to DELEGATE some of your tasks to others, and focus on what you and only you do best. It’s time to take on staff and a Bookkeeper.

If you want the business to grow and you to have a life again, this is the way to go. Should mean more money to as well in due course.

What this all means is your role must change. Sometimes not easy at first, but well worth it in the long run.

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