I’ll be fairly blunt and quick with this point.
You send a lot of time on quotes, but not just the quote, how about the time you’ve spent on meeting the prospect, looking at the site and following them up with questions. Then comes the quote, grab the plans, log on to your quoting program, arrange your own quotes from material suppliers and your subbies. It’s a lot of time!

So much time that I’m sure you want the best result. You want to know where they stand, is the price OK, have you covered everything, what do they think, are they going with you?

The ideal result is they ask when you can get going! But it doesn’t always go this well, and a lot of tradies that I speak to will wait for the prospect to get back to them. All that work in the quoting process and you just play the waiting game now.

You can increase your success rate by doing this one simple step EVERY time you present a quote.


Might seem a silly point to most, of course you ask for the sale, BUT I know people DON’T do it.
WHY? – well mostly to do with your physchological makeup and self worth, and if that sounds a bit strange, don’t worry about it, just build into your presentation a way to ASK FOR THE SALE that you get comfortable with.

Shopkeepers do it really well………….Cash or credit sir?..............Shall I gift wrap it for you?........What day would be best for delivery? Are all ways of asking for the sale.
You can make it this easy too. I suggest…….."So when would you like to get going then?"........."So, this all fits with what you had in mind?"............."Shall we begin the paperwork then?"
These are all ways of asking for the sale without being blunt or pushy. After all , wouldn’t these good people benefit from having you work for them! So, help them make a great decision, now. The answer to each of these questions means they are moving ahead with YOU.

And I know if you build this into ALL of your quote presentations you WILL win more quotes. Winning more quotes means more money (profit) in your pocket. All from saying 1 little line.
Practise it and start using it tomorrow. ASK FOR THE SALE.

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